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Garden Wall Fountains

Garden and wall fountains add essential elements to your living areas, whether its for an expansive backyard, yoga studio, cozy patio, or apartment balcony. Fountains satisfy the senses of sight and sound. Nothing beats the personal retreat of the comforting sounds of water in combination with their ascetically pleasing form enhances the decor of any area. We have assembled a collection of high quality, low maintenance wall units for your meditating pleasure.

Care and Maintenance of Fiberglass Wall Fountains:
Our models, made from fully bonded DuRock fiberglass, are virtually maintenance free. An occasional wiping with a cloth to clear any accumulated dirt or dust will keep the finish clean. Changing the water, and wiping out anything that may have collected in the reservoir is recommended as needed, depending on your garden.

Garden Wall Fountains
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Garden Wall Fountains on buildings


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